There are two components to a wheel generally speaking.
A rim and a tire are just that until you put them together. Combine the two and we get a wheel.

  • Rim Repair is broken down into two different categories in our facility.
  • Cosmetic repairs- this is damage to the face of the rim. (Curb rash, peeling paint etc.)
  • Structural repairs- this is damage that has altered the overall structure of the rim (out of round or cracked)
  • Straightening- this is considered to be the most important part of the wheel repair process.
    Wheels are trued within 3-5 thousandths of an inch on a dial indicator using hydraulic pressure and the necessary heat.
  • Rim Welding- specializing in aluminum welding we can fix those cracks too.
  • Chemical stripping- wheels needing a full restoration or powder coat will need to have all prior coatings removed.
  • Media blasting- we media blast our wheels before the powder coating process.
    This is not ideal for removing coatings as it can leave some areas in the aluminum inconsistent.
  • Wheel prep- we offer different levels of prep work and should be discussed according to your specific needs.
  • 2 & 3 piece wheels- disassembly/ reassembly and silicone seal along with the proper torque values of you wheel bolts.
  • Diamond cut machining- we can keep the original factory machine look with full accuracy.
    We can even turn some painted wheels into a whole new look with our lathes.
  • Bead corrosion- when chrome wheels leak from the beads we have the remedy and we can guarantee they won’t leak again (from corrosion)
  • Aluminum Polishing- we hand polish the aluminum bringing back that curb rash to a shine
  • Coatings- we are partners with PPG and offer a liquid paint(same as the exterior of your car). This can be offered as an expedient repair process and has the ability to be completed as a same day service with a scheduled appointment. We are partners with Prismatic powders and we offer every color they make. This process takes more steps and cannot be done as a same day service though.
  • Customization- we are not limited to the colors.. we have a full paint bank and we can mix any color in liquid you want. Powder will ship from the manufacturer next day and there are thousands of colors to choose from.
  • Tire mounting and balancing- our mounting and balancing service is done with other services we provide.
  • Nitrogen- eliminate the water air creates and keep your wheels at a steady pressure by using Nitrogen.
  • TPMS replacements- generally sensors have a life span of 7-10 years. At that point they tend to give false readings and fail intermittently. Hard impact can also jar them and give erratic readings. We can reprogram and replace most vehicles with an in stock universal sensor
  • Mobile services generally offered to dealerships to allow the luxury of not having multiple vehicles leave the lot and maximizing our technicians ability to keep used cars from having damaged wheels. Lowering risks significantly to the dealer and maximizing the performance of the reconditioning managers time.
  • OEM Wheel replacements- if we can’t fix it we may have it. We also work with Remanufacturing plants throughout the United States